Pizza Boxes, Pizza Circles, Slice Pizza Trays and Clam Shells

noBetter Box is proud to be a part of the continued growth and competitive need for the pizza packaging industry and is a world leader in this product. We offer our patented Couponabox pizza box to pizzerias, food service and pizza box distributors worldwide as a simple, profitable and superior alternative to the current standard pizza box that is guaranteed to increase sales. Not only do we provide plain, generic, and custom print pizza boxes, we also provide Pizza Circles, Slice Pizza Trays and Clam shells. We offer top quality products at affordable prices with many options to choose from. Our Standard Boxes are from 7″ to 28″ and available in in both E-Flute and B-Flute with other flutes available upon request and is food grade compliant to FDA standards. We also offer food grade high quality printing on the inside lid of the box at a minimal cost to ignite the marketing potential for the client.

With NO charges for printing plates or dies for full containers we can offer a very competitive solution to your pizza box requirements and give you the opportunity to regularly change your packaging without incurring prohibitive setup costs.

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